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Meet the Treasure Coast Wealth
Builders Team



Our Mission is Elevating Relationships with Business, Credit & Money.

Our competent business & financial consultants are educated and experienced to assess your current financial situation through tax returns, credit reports and more. Our consultations allow us to conduct client financial coaching whether 1-on-1, couples or small group sessions. We can also host workshops, seminars, classes and event presentations.


As your consultant/advisors, we will empower you to become financially free while building generational wealth. Let us help you reach your financial goals by teaching our proven money management skills, such as how to create your savings, building a financial plan, and paying down debt while establishing your wealth management. Whether your goals are commercial, individual or wealth management let us help you through financial literacy using our “Financial Life Support program”.

 About Us 

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BLW Consultant Group/Treasure Coast Investment Team

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The Economic Investment Firm

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B&B Business Management Service Inc. 

Meet Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

At Treasure Coast Wealth Builders, our dedicated team is committed to your success. We genuinely care about our clients, and our mission is to elevate your relationship with business and money. Whether you need credit assistance, financial education, or expert business coaching and investment guidance, you’ve found the right place. Experience compassion, integrity and a pathway to financial success with us.

Dr. David Washington

Chief Deputy Tax Collector/CEO of TCIT

Brenda Paulin-Walton

Certified Business & Financial Literacy Coach/Executive Director

Windy Gavin

Vice President

Litonya Salmon

Accountant/Investment Advisor

Sabrina Taylor

Attorney In Fact / Advocate

The Benefits of Working With Us

Financial literacy is not taught in schools, churches, or homes, leaving many of us feeling overwhelmed, lost, and uncertain about how to navigate the path to building credit, budgeting, savings, and financial stability.

Our Financial Life Support Program is dedicated to transforming your financial journey, empowering you to take control of your family’s financial future. Our Attorney-In-Fact Services offer a wide range of support, from drafting legal documents and handling court filings to managing contracts, divorces, wills and trusts, real estate closings, notarizations, and more. Our strategic expertise is designed to enhance business profitability and optimize tax strategies for your personal and business savings. Let us pave the way for your secure retirement, and help you build a robust investment portfolio, all while ensuring compliance with IRS regulations.

 Our Services 

Analyzing Data
B&B Business Management Services

Our team is dedicated to guiding your real estate business goals, aligning with your objectives, and maximizing profitability. Allow us to oversee your business strategy and provisions to provide you the understanding of your business needs. Let us help you meet your company’s objectives & achieve success. Allow us to teach you how to manage every aspect of your business, from human resources to finance. We specialize in operations, marketing, and strategic management to create balance between profit and risk to increase business profits.

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